REPOST FROM @ninakraviz:

REPOST FROM @ninakraviz:
Nina with my awesome assistant Clarisse Mü

REPOST FROM @ninakraviz:
“Roope.#ninakraviz #obiblanche”
On the shoot with Nina, in the middle fun pix!

Wasser Melon and Fußball goes good together with VOO

“Obis WM2014”

I’ve lots of friends who are not so keen on WM, but they r still eager to watch when their home country is playing. To me WM is totally the same, I watch every game when Finland plays.

“Soccer tip.”

For all the footballers out there, heres a good tip for you. I’m not an expert of soccer, but one thing I’ve noticed. The ball flies most of the time over the goal. One should think that there’s a smaller goal inside of that enormous goal and when you try to kick in to that smaller goal and you go like shit, bad banana kick again then you’ve a marginal still and okey if you dont make it into the small goal at least it’s going to the big one. 

nom de plume: we need more goals WM2014

My old and trusty disco ballchen cockchen fanny still kicking like I was twenty again!

ass therapy ass therapy ass therapy

ass therapy

The most modest ‘I dont know anything about photography’ Tonje Thilesen said in the last interview, the most important thing is light. 

your black leder jacke weights a ton 

Davore`s Egon Eiermann collection.
My flatmate Davor thought about to buy 2 nice vintage Eiermann chairs for our kitchen, now he has 30 red/orange and 25 black ones.

The world is a big place and theres a lot of sand. Take care of each other. 

My neighbour Aggeliki showing some South European Tango moves

Today its raining, but my plans for next three days goes like this, friday lakes, saturday lakes, sunday lakes! It is yes Summer. No cursing, Prince doesn’t like it.